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End Week 32 - 3.9 lb Loss - 61.5 lbs Total

Celebrating 60 lb loss this week. I finally got it! I have been seeing it on and off for a month! I have a little wiggle room as I am slightly beyond 60 lbs now so hoping I don't bounce back!

This week overall was a good week. I stayed on track. I declined a boat night with friends - I didn't want to temp myself with extra calories that a few adult beverages add. Weather wasn't that nice so it made saying NO so much easier!

I did however miss my first trainer session on Wednesday given that I was not feeling well. I simply wasn't up to it and found myself in bed at 7 pm that evening. I will be back at trainer this morning and I am sure it will be challenging!

I feel as if I truly have made a true change in my life now. It seems second nature to get moving and go for a walk. I even have been trying to get at least 3,000 steps in before I walk into the office. I find it difficult to sit idle these days when I could be moving.

Food choices don't even seem to be such a big deal. It's not some crazy struggle as it was in the beginning or in previous attempts. I always succeeded in taking the weight off but I never enjoyed what I was eating and as soon as I would hit my goal I reverted back. Now I enjoy what I am eating and my taste buds clearly have made some sort of transition. It seems I would rather have an apple than some unhealthy snack these days. Same for sitting at a meal - portion control is key for me. It all seems second nature now and I am optimistic that I will not be going back to my old bad habits.

I think perhaps it took me those failures to tweak my eating plan and figure out how this works for me. Discovering Sparkpeople and Sparkcoach have made a huge difference. The few minutes I spend in the morning helps me stay focused on the task at hand. I love the friends I have made here too!

The journey doesn't end even when you hit your goal number. It's a life style change and I want to be the healthiest me I can be.

Along with my 60 lb loss I celebrated 11 months of not smoking this week! Feeling proud of taking care of me for a change.

Spark friends I am so grateful for your support - we got this!

Cheers to a successful week!

I Can and I Will.... Watch Me.....

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