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2021 - Embracing Where I am Today

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

I love my boat and getting sunshine. I consider my pontoon my outdoor living room and feel as if I am on vacation all summer long. Truth be told I can't dock my boat so if my dad doesn't feel like boating I just sit on the boat and enjoy the views. That is how I spent yesterday sitting at the dock enjoying the sun.

In 2018 when I was at goal I decided I was going to rock a bikini. At the end of the season when I was maintaining I purchased several bikini tops. I planned to wear them the following year. These were really on sale I think I got some for $10.00 Well here we are 3 seasons later and I can't wear those. In fact just last season absolutely NONE of my suits fit me not even the 18W. This season I purchased a couple new bikini tops they started to go on sale hoping maybe I could wear them before the boat goes out of the water in October.

They recently arrived and I tried them on -

I am still at least 15 pounds heavier than I was when I was wearing my suits last time yet I just zipped one of my size 8 jeans which I bought when I was at my goal. I have come along way. NO I am not where I want to be but I made a choice yesterday that I was going to embrace where I am at in this moment and wear the new bikini top. Whose standards am I living by anyway? I am a 51 year old woman working toward being a healthier version of me. I will celebrate that. For anyone who embraces their body with all it's imperfections I applaud you.

Tomorrow is not promised, we only have this moment and I am going to accept myself as I am today. I will make choices today that will continue to move me forward to a healthier me tomorrow. I am documenting this day so in a year from now I will be able to see my progress.

I Can and I Will ....Watch Me!

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