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Accomplishments and Goals - 2017 In Review

I wrapped up 2017 with so much to be proud of. I learned so many things, I am more thankful each day that passes for all that I have. I know that I can set goals and achieve them. I actually was just 3lbs shy of hitting my goal in only 9 months. I had lost 66 lbs. Then I got a little lazy and stopped tracking and started cheating some. Behaviors that have shown me I simply can't do.

I was reviewing my year in my mind and it occurred to me that I didn't have fast food (not counting turkey and steamed veggies at Boston Market as fast food) NOT once in 2017. I didn't run through any drive thru's. Most important I didn't miss it, that is a huge win for me.

I exercised regularly that I started back in February with something as simple as getting steps in. I have a small 6,000 step goal and wow when I started that just getting those steps in seemed so difficult. I on most days do get 10,000 steps in now but keep my goal at 6,000. I hit that most days. I also advanced and hired a personal trainer and joined a big box gym. I enjoy exercising, watching changes in my body and continue to strive toward my long term goal of being in the best physical condition I have ever been in by the time I turn 50.

Dad and I in 2013 taking a walk out on a frozen lake.

Dad and I December 31, 2017

What I see here is the same pants I was wearing then and now. Those pants are really too big now yet I probably weigh the same thing or close to it. I can't be certain. I also see a jacket that I used to have to suck it in to zip that now has a bit of room in it. I attribute that to improvements created by working out.

What I know for certain however is that this challenge is really mostly about what you eat and the moment I stopped logging and checking in here well I was off course. Even though I was working out more than ever. Because of that I am still fitting in the same clothes I was fitting into literally 20 lbs less but I see bulk now that I didn't see when I was 20 lbs lighter.

I am not discouraged because what I know is I am back and I WILL take this weight off easily. I am joining a weight loss challenge at my personal trainer where 1st prize is a month free of training. The challenge starts January 2nd but I am starting my own personal challenging today. I allowed myself to indulged after my last blog figuring I can pad my loss for this challenge some.

Goals: 2018

1. Lose 40 lbs

2. Log into Spark People Every Day

3. Log my food on Spark People Every Day (honestly)

4. Measure out my portions

5. Exercise minimum of 10 Mins per day

6. 6,000 Steps (minimum)

7. Encourage and Support my friends

I Will ....Watch Me.......

Happy New Years Friends - Let's do this together!

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