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2021 - Treating Myself to Manicure/Pedicure for 40.4 lbs Total

I am celebrating today I hit 40.4 lb loss today. I am 1 pound away from being under the 200 mark. I went to the Mall and got my manicure and pedicure for the first time in two years! I have been going to this place for so long that when I called to find out if I needed an appointment they said "Is this Lisa?" I said YES how did you know she said I recognized your voice. It felt good to to treat myself and say good bye to crocodile feet. LOL.

Busy day food shopping and mall came home at 8:30 pm to jump in to a live Mirror Latin Dance Class so I didn't miss it. Feeling accomplished. So close to Onederland again and almost at my halfway mark.

I Can and I will.... Watch Me.

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