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2021 to 2022 - That Was Then ....This is Now

In 2021 I lost 66.4 lbs. I also worked out in one form or another ever single day from January 19, 2021. I mostly accomplished this with a product called the Mirror. I did apparently miss 3 workouts on the Mirror but I know I hit my exercise goal of just 10 minutes a day just didn't use the Mirror. One of which I danced all night long and my Fitbit gave me credit for a lot of exercise that night before and after midnight. It was my favorite Halloween Party and I likely spent the following day relaxing. The other day I missed the mirror I got Fitbit credit however by walking and pacing while talking on the phone. That was due to my father being hospitalized that day. I enjoy the Mirror it’s trainers and the online community. It’s easy to hit a class whether live or on demand and I am forever grateful that my boss gave me that as a gift last year. I started going back to the gym in the fall however that was short lived as I am not comfortable with Covid and Michigan numbers. Now dealing with the new variant seems never ending however I digress. Super thankful for the Mirror and it's community.

Fast forward and here we are now 2022. I am still pushing forward to reach my goal which is now about 15 to 20 lbs more. My current weight today January 10, 2022 is 172.3 and that puts me at a 68.8 lb loss. I have not been able to hit that 70 lb mark yet it’s within reach and I have flittered with it but not there yet.

I continue to focus on the positive. I am happy I didn’t gain this holiday season or go off track. I did this in 2017 and was so disappointed in myself. I enjoyed the end of summer and did indulge more than I had allowed myself. In some aspects I am glad that I have been able to do this and stay consistent as I have stated before the 170’s is a very comfortable weight for me, emotionally and physically but it is not a healthy weight. I am still considered Overweight and or Obese depending on where I am in the 170 range.

I have accepted that there is no finish line. Gave myself some grace in the months I have been hanging in the 170’s. I am ready now however to say goodbye to the 170’s and look forward to see what I can accomplish in 2022. I am a firm believer that you must set goals, say them out loud to friends and write them down.

My goals for 2022 are the following:

Lose 15-20 lbs

-Eat within my calorie range

-Make healthier food choices (eat more veggies)

Fitness goal

-Spend more time doing strength training less time doing cardio (I want definition)

-Continue working out daily

-Try more Mirror Classes such as toning, boxing and yoga

Goal setting involves setting a long term goal and then breaking it down into easy achievable goals. Set yourself up to succeed. When you break it down make sure it's measurable. With weight it can't always be about the scale. Take a before pic so you can see your progress. Take measurements trust me on this. The scale is great especially in the beginning but the measurements help when the scale doesn't seem to want to move.

Here is me when I was at my goal in 2018 and here is me now. Gives me something to work towards I realize I abused my body one more time since then gaining 82 pounds and I am also now approaching 52 years old yet I am striving to be the best version of me I can be.

If you haven't set goals yet - spend a few minutes and do it. It's well worth it and it's amazing what you can accomplish in just 12 months.

I Will.... Watch Me.

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