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2021 - The Mirror - 26.1 lbs Total

I had a productive week of exercise and I skipped the whole 25 lb loss and I am celebrating a loss of 26.1 pounds down in total. I don't think the calorie burn on that is accurate my Fitbit never shows that kind of burn.

I am beginning to see changing in the mirror and also seeing changing in my body.

Speaking of "THE MIRROR" I have taken 143 classes on it since January 19th. I have moved up to some advanced cardio dance classes. This week I started beginner strength training challenge which is 6 weeks.

I am enjoying the Mirror - it's hard to not do it when it's in your home and there are all kinds of classes to take. The dance classes on the mirror are enjoyable but the music is terrible and it's because of the instructors personalities that keep me taking them. The Mirror indicates they are working on the music aspect of it but music is a big motivational factor for dance. I will say the Hip Hop dance is better, the music is always the same but it least it has a good beat. This week I was missing DSKO and I found someone who had some DSKO classes on social media. It was my Monday and Wednesday happy hour and as much as I want to love dance on the Mirror I just don't. Dance classes are my go to on the mirror because it always me to get my steps in for the day and cardio.

Cardio Strength and Cardio Bootcamp are good and I am getting alot out of it with the strength training. I am surprised at the tips I am learning and how little I didn't pay attention when I had a personal trainer previously. Also enjoy boxing.

I tried a Yoga class this week and frankly that was a disaster. I am not flexible and still way to heavy to get into any of those stretches. Who knows maybe down the road I will be blogging on how I love Yoga but as of right now that really isn't an option for me. Barre and Pilates I haven't tried yet but I have read alot of people really feeling the burn in those classes.

It's been a good week and I am only about 15 lbs away from getting out of the 200's.

I Can and I Will ....Watch Me!

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