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2021 - Measurements - Down 31.1 lbs Total

On March 31st I decided to take my measurements. Thankful I did that because this week it allowed me to see my results in addition to my weight loss. I have lost 4.1 lbs since the day I took measurements. I can't really see it but I feel it. Yesterday I decided to take measurements again and I have lost two inches off my waist and 1.5 inches off my hips. The working out is starting to show and I am seeing great progress in what I am able to physically do now.

March 22nd I started a six week beginner strength program on "The Mirror" and I completed week 3 yesterday. I am using 7lb weights for my light weights and 10 lbs for my heavy weights. I wasn't doing that with my personal trainer consistently just 36 months ago. Yesterday I took a great class with Deja Riley who is a new trainer on the Mirror and I loved it. Reminded me so much of my time with the trainer and I am looking forward to doing more of her classes. She also has a dance cardio class that in some aspects reminded me of DSKO which I was missing.

Tomorrow I turn 51 years old and although I still have a long way to go at least I have come a long way since January. My 51st gift to myself was I started and my gift to myself 12 months from tomorrow I will be a healthier version of me.

Have a wonderful Sunday Spark Friends!

I Can and I Will.... Watch Me.

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