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2021 - Goodbye 46.4 lbs - 150 Day Spark Streak - Spark America

46.4 Down :)

I found Spark in 2017 a little late to the game as so many have been here for so long. I successfully lost 73 lbs. I maintained for a little while but life happens and I found myself out of balance. This January 20, 2021 I started again applying the exact same things I previously did and this site was an important aspect of my daily routine. In the photo above taken June 4, 2021 I have lost 46.4 lbs.

I am halfway thru my journey once again and I won't be finishing it here. Change is hard for me always has been. I am a premium member and did take advantage of spark coach activities every day. I have repeated the same program because it works. I love the daily activities and it sets my mind in the right place for the morning. I loved seeing my 150 day Streak of logging into to Spark but I am going to keep it going until the last day.

Like so many of you I am not sure what I am doing moving forward but I did join Spark America yesterday and I completely understand that they are a work in progress just like me. I will forever be grateful for the wonderful friends that I have met here and although we won't be communicating in this format I am certain we will still communicate.

This community has been so amazing that I have no doubt that over time Spark America will be built out. Yes it's different but I want to give it a fair chance and I am trying it out during the transition period. I am going to continue to push forward because I figure I have two months more and maybe I can be under 20 lbs to reach my goal.

In doing the Spark Coach Beta Version on Spark America I see many of the same great features here but structured differently. Spark taught me so much about goal setting, positive self talk and so much more. I have said it before that the little activity of visualization has helped me alot. Spending a few moments a day setting my intentions to achieve those goals and doing activities that will keep me moving forward to reach them. All those components are on the new system so I am going to keep an open mind.

Additionally after I initially posted this I am reading that the food tracking aspect will be up and running August 15th so I am thrilled. Thank you Chis Downie for making that happen and all your work on that.

Change is difficult for me but I am determined to not let this set me back in anyway on reaching my goals and perhaps Spark America will teach me more as we are all just students in this life.

I Can and I Will .... Watch Me :)

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