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2021 - Ending Week 16 - 4.5 lb Loss - Onederland - HALFWAY THERE

I have so many things I am celebrating this week. I hit my 40 lb loss, than exceeded that and I hit One-derland.

I felt as if I was struggling the past 30 days working hard and not seeing the results. So much so that I went back to my Ending Week 16 Blog from 2017 to discover I reported a 39.7 lb loss and I was feeling frustrated because I had not hit that 40 lb mark the exact same way I was feeling this time.

I am thankful I took pictures on January 20, 2021 which I didn't do when I started my journey in 2017. Sure I was able to dig up some pics but I now have starting pictures. Since I can't see my progress in the mirror when I was discouraged I put those side by side and for the first time I could see the progress. Other than seeing a number on my frenemy the scale or doing my measurements it sparked me to push extra hard this week when I posted those pics on here to hear encouraging words. I sent pics to friends to show them my progress and they cheered me on.

My oldest friend from high school impacted me when she told me how proud she is of me that I keep on trying. She also told me that I inspired her to go back to tracking her food because she had been struggling when I took the first step and restarted. It warmed my heart to hear that I helped her in some small way. I think I have always thought that others see me as a failure that I take off this weight then revert back as an epic failure. However I guess you really only fail when you stop trying. I was grateful for her kind words as I truly had always admired her accomplishment of not joining the rest of her family in being severely overweight. She joined WW in her early 20's and although battles with 20 lbs she never let it get excessive.

When I started this my little weight application stated I was Obese III now I am down to Obese 1. I can touch my toes and see my toes. I know from this point my journey gets exciting I can go into my closet which is like shopping and start fitting into clothes that I truly enjoy wearing. I have noticed that since this time I started working out on a more serious level than I had in the past that I can zip things I haven't been able to at the physical number on the scale. It was at this point where I actually hired a personal trainer two times per week and now I have the mirror and can do similar type workouts and I have been.

Today in celebration I did a Beginner Cardio Strength class with one of the hardest trainers on the Mirror. I completed it and overall am shocked at what I was able to do considering when I was personal training planks with shoulder and knee taping for 60 seconds took me a long time to work up to. When I started the trainer sometimes I couldn't even walk up the stairs. Tuesday nights are my favorite day on the Mirror. Two of my favorite trainers are back to back in live classes. Wish it wasn't that way because I can't do 8 classes in a row yet.....Tonight I think I am doing Latin Dancing at 7:00 pm. Cardio dance classes continue to be my happy space. Live classes are great I often get a shout out. I haven't turned on my camera yet but hopefully I will soon.

If your reading this and struggling stay the course it pays off. We can do this!

I Can and I Will...... Watch Me.

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