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2021-7 Months and a Couple days .....66.5 lbs Total

It’s official closed its site at 8:00 am EST Tuesday August 17, 2021. I feel so thankful for the free tools that the site provided and the friends I made along the way. I will stay in touch with those people that supported me during the past few years and hopefully I returned the favor. The closing of Spark forced me to transfer and revisit all of my blogs and go through my weight loss journey in 2017 which I hit my goal March 2018. They have a different format which I am doing and they did get their food tracker up before closing. It doesn’t sync all my info from my Fitbit or to my Fitbit so I am bummed about that. Many members went to my fitness pal and I have an account there also - trying to find what will best work for me now.

This journey hasn’t been much different as my results are consistent although this month seemed more challenging and likely because I am only reporting about a 6.5 lb loss and I worked hard this month so the week I basically winged it and maintained cost me. I have 15.7 pounds away from my first goal and I will get there again just maybe not as quickly as I would like to.

On the days I am frustrated I try on clothes I haven’t been able to wear and see if I would wear them now. Here I am trying on my Calvin Klein dress it’s a 10 with stretch and yep I can wear it but think I would like it better when I hit my 70 lb loss.

I am still doing my normal things. I am out walking outside more often in the morning before it gets to hot. Its not a fast paced walk and I like to chat on the phone while doing it. I am trying to do that at least on the days I am doing my Augusts Challenge on The Mirror because those classes are generally cardio-strength type classes and the Fitbit doesn’t pick that up as exercise. I want to get all my check marks. I know I can manually add that but it feels like cheating. I have slacked on my plank challenge that we are doing on a private fb page I am a current moderator of. I think I have missed 3 times and we are on day 29.

Dog days of summer and I have been enjoying the boat and sunsets.

I Will.....Watch Me!

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