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2021 - 31 Days of Tracking Food - 10.3 lbs Gone

Happy One Month Anniversary to ME! I am celebrating a 10.3 lb loss.

I have logged my food for 31 days. It hasn't been easy to start over. Yet I am not looking back, I am focused on moving forward. I had to look in the Mirror and acknowledged I had to do something. Thankfully I am not at lifetime high weight but not far from it at with a start weight of 241.2 back on January 20, 2021.

It’s been a slow start first logging back into Spark People which started back in December. In January I started logging my food but as always I thought somehow I would see progress if I sort of watched what I ate and initially continued with the fast food in what I thought was in moderation. However I wasn’t logging everything in the beginning and it showed because despite working out my scale wasn’t moving.

Working out has felt great and I didn’t realize how much I missed being active. I am enjoying getting my 10k steps in. My boss and his wife got me the best gift for Christmas which ended up arriving January 18, 2021. They got me “The Mirror” and I am enjoying that so much since I am not comfortable going back to the gym at this time. Sometimes I will do three sessions a day. Many of these classes remind me of what I used to do with my personal trainer. I am in the beginner and intermediate classes but I started.

As much as I like being active I have to see results. I wasn’t seeing any results at first because I wasn’t being honest about what I was eating and I had to acknowledge that I needed to go back to basics.

You can’t out train a bad diet and I know this. I needed to utilize all the tools that I have used in the past and put them to work again.

For me this means:

* Planning my meals

* Weighing my food and controlling my portions.

* Logging my Food

* Spending each morning utilizing Spark Premium and doing the exercises.

* Divorce "Door Dash" and Fast Foods.

* Exercise daily

These things work and the moment I started doing it the moment the scale started moving and I am celebrating my 10.3 lbs loss.

Now I just need to repeat that another 7 times!

One thing I know for certain is....I Can and I will ….. Watch Me!

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