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2021 - 10.5 Weeks - Down 29.8 lbs Total

Small Goals = something BIG!

This week I am so close to 30 lbs I am going to round up! Just kidding! I am determined to be blowing by this 30 lb mark this week.

I do feel like celebrating because I can notice a difference now. I tried on a pair of my 18W Jeans today and they were to big. Most of my clothes that were my heavy clothes were too small just a short 10.5 weeks ago. I am glad to have some clothes I can wear again. I have been fortunate enough to work from home and I have stayed in my PJS for about a year. Now that I am one shot into the vaccine my next shot April 17th I am starting to think of life outside of the house! Certainly not complaining I really love working from home but I would like to see friends and get a hair cut and mani pedi, go to mall, out to eat. Can't do those things in PJS.

I sure would like to be out of the 200's mid May and I think I can do that. Premium spark taught me last time how to break down things into small achievable goals and before you know it that spark is turning into a flame. I take it one day at a time, one meal at a time. Today I could have used the Holiday as an excuse but I didn't. For my Holiday dinner I had steak and a baked potato (potato was my treat normally I would have had a veggie or a sweet potato instead). I accounted for all my calories today and I am within my range and I did 45 minutes of exercise.

I am so thankful to be Sparking and back to turning it into a flame!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

I Can and I Will.... Watch me.

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