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2019 - Ending Week 3 - .1lb Loss 4.2 lbs Total

No Progress this week and honestly I am thankful I didn't gain. I was in training this week Wednesday thru Friday and stressed as I am preparing to take a State Exam that I am required to take as terms on my employment.

I did make it to the gym every single day this week. I feel good about that. During the Fitbit Work Week Hustle I got in 59,969 steps. Considering I was stuck in a chair all day with only a lunch and two breaks half the week that is a win.

My eating however was off. I was stress eating. Something I am going to pay more attention to because I really haven't. What are my triggers and why am I turning to food. My normal planned meals simply were not appealing. My portions were to big and I just gave myself a pass. Had that not been the case I would have been reporting a pretty nice loss because I was actually down 2lbs last Tuesday.

I am busy today meeting a friend at the gym and then going to plan my week. This week I am going to make a point of eating properly. It drives me nuts to work so hard and blow it or not see results.

This week was a week of learning...…

Lesson Learned.

I Can and I Will..... Watch Me.

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